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Registration for the 2015 summer Jump Start seminars will open in April of 2015. Stay tuned for more information!

 Eastside - WSU, Spokane Campus

4-Day Jump Start:  June 22 - 25, 2015
1-Day Renewal Jump Start:  June 24, 2015

West Side - Location to be Determined

  4-Day National Board Jump Start: July 27 - 30, 2015
1-Day Renewal Jump Start:  July 29, 2015

 You must be registered with NBPTS to attend the summer National Board Jump Start seminars

Please Click Here to see details for the 2015 NBCT Renewal Summer Seminars

Why a National Board Jump Start?

In a conversation with some seasoned NBCT candidate support group facilitators, the following question came up: "If you had the luxury of several days to work with National Board candidates before they started the certification process, what things do you think would be most helpful to them?"  We think you'll like their answer.  Jump Start seminars are designed to provide National Board candidates with important information about the certification process, time to examine component and Assessment Center requirements, the opportunity to plan how to meet requirements, and time to collaborate, gather resources and information needed to  pursue certification - all in a supportive, constructive, and collegial environment.

What is National Board Jump Start?

Jump Start is an intensive 4-day seminar geared for teachers pursuing National Board certification, and for 2015-16 first time candidates, offers the following components. Teachers will need to consider which area(s) of study best fits their certification planning:

Component 1: Content Knowledge (evidenced by Assessment Center)

In this Jump Start academy candidates will delve into content knowledge standards, analyze assessment center requirements and do self-reflection to identify personal content gaps. Candidates will also plan to imbed content knowledge into their day-to-day teaching context. Candidates pursuing Component 1 will also engage in a seminar which will explore fundamental documents necessary for pursuing National Board Certification, including standards, the Five Core Propositions, and looking at teaching and learning through the lens of an accomplished teacher. This component may not be available for EAYA/MUSIC, EMC/MUSIC or EAYA/World Language candidates until 2016 - go to the NBPTS website for more information.

Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction (evidenced by Student Work)

In this Jump Start academy teachers will plan for instruction and assessment using student work as a measure of the effectiveness of their instructional practice and feedback to students. This component is classroom-based and requires differentiation to meet student needs. Candidates pursuing Component 2 will also engage in a seminar which will explore fundamental documents necessary for pursuing National Board certification, including standards, the five core propositions, and looking at teaching and learning through the lens of an accomplished teacher.

Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment

A description of this academy will follow.

  • To get further information regarding the revised National Board Certification process please go to the Board Certified Teachers website.
  • For information regarding the Washington State National Board conditional loan, please Contact OSPI.
  • General questions regarding Jump Start or the National Board process may be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Q. Who should attend?

  • Teachers who are registered with the National Board and committed to starting the National Board process or NBCTs whose renewal is pending within a year or two should attend the Jump Start training appropriate to their needs. Priority access for open seminar seats will be given to those candidates who are officially registered with NBPTS.  We regret that we will likely only be able to accommodate those who have already completed the three-years-teaching National Board eligibility requirement. We encourage those who will meet the three year requirement by the end of the school year to register for one of our summer events. 

Q.  How do I know which Jump Start to attend?

  • If you are a candidate new to the National Board process who has registered for the 2015-16 cycle, choose the National Board Jump Start seminar.
  • If you are already an NBCT whose 10-year renewal registration is due within the next year or two, choose the National Board Renewal Jump Start seminar. 

 Q. How much does it cost? 

  • National Board Jump Start WEA member fees are still to be determined, but should not exceed $250.00 for WEA members. Tuition includes breakfast, lunch, coffee and snacks each day, and all training materials; part of the registration fee also provides an honorarium to each of the many NBCTs and trainers who contribute their time to make this event a quality experience for candidates.

Q. Is lodging included?

  • Unfortunately, no. All participants are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and substitute costs, if applicable.
Q. Are Clock Hours available and how much will they cost? 
  • Clock Hours are available for the National Board Jump Starts;
  • Clock Hours are available for the Renewal Jump Start seminar for NBCTs;
  • Clock Hour fees are waived for WEA Jump Start seminars (no fee).

Q.  Who do I contact with additional questions? 

  • Washington Education Association (WEA) - this is the Washington State Teachers Union to whom you pay your monthly dues if you are a WEA member. We bargain contracts for our members and provide additional services and trainings. As part of our member services we offer several National Board trainings to our WEA members: 1) Jump Starts (new candidate and Renewal) to help you at the beginning of your National Board process to understand the requirements and suggest appropriate approaches to the process, and also in your 10-year renewal process, and 2) Home Stretch toward the end of the year to make sure you have not overlooked details and to give you feedback on your National Board entries. It is to WEA that you pay your Jump Start or Home Stretch seminar fees, and these are separate from the fee you pay to the National Board for Professional Teaching standards to obtain your National Board certification. WEA  occasionally offers financial assistance for our seminar fees, but this is not connected in any way with the OSPI National Board conditional loan. We are located in Federal Way and you can learn more about us at www.washingtonea.org or by calling 253-765-7076. 

  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) - this is the national organization with whom you register and to whom you pay your National Board fees to begin the process to obtain National Board certification. They are located in Washington, DC and your National Board ID number comes from them.  You can learn more about NBPTS at: www.boardcertifiedteachers.org or by calling 1-800-22-TEACH. 

  • Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) - this is the Washington state office that offers and assigns scholarships to Washington State teachers who apply for the state Conditional Loan to pay their National Board registration fees. OSPI requires that those who are awarded loans connect with a local Cohort Group to help guide them throughout the year-long process toward National Board certification. They are located in Olympia and you can learn more about the state role in National Board certification at www.k12.wa.us or by calling 360-725-6119.  

Q.  What do I need to register?  

  • You will need your WEA membership ID if you wish to register at the member price. If you are having difficulty locating your WEA membership card, you may continue to register without it and we will find it for you.

  • You will also need your National Board Candidate ID number.

*Please Note: To run each seminar we require at least 25 registrants. If there are insufficient numbers, we will fully reimburse registrations that have been submitted. Course registration will close if a given event reaches capacity. 

Visit the WEA Professional Development Network website for additional trainings and professional development offerings from your Association

For more information or if you have further questions please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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